Purple Notes Unveiled is a podcast dedicated to the music and artistry of Prince and Prince related artists and albums.

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What If Purple Rain Flopped?

What if Purple Rain flopped as a film or album? This episode explores the possibilities. Become a supporter and see the video version on Patreon:www.patreon.com/amaric...

Diamonds and Pearls Box Set Review

Review of the box set of Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and the New Power Generation 

EP2 - Reasons THE TIME Should Be in The Rock Hall of Fame

Today's episode looks at reasons why The Time should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!Plus, the Artists Spotlight on NPG member, Tony M., the Album Spot...

EP1 - How to Make a Perfect PRINCE Netflix Documentary

Welcome to the 1st episode of the new Purple Notes Unveiled podcast. Host Richard Cole brings back the flow of the original Amari Purple Talk with a new format. Availa...

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